Liv Pink

The Blogger
My name is Olivia and I’m a 28 year old nurse living in Dallas, TX. I’m originally from St. Louis, MO home of my beloved CARDINALS and found my way to Texas by way of travel nursing. I absolutely loved travel nursing, but hated the whole starting your life over every 3 months. Well lucky for me I found a job that allows me to combine my nursing knowledge with my love of traveling, leading to pretty much the most awesome life a girl could ask for:)

Rocking my Molina jersey!
My Fur Baby Porkchop showing her love for the Cards too!


The Old Blog

I started this blog back in 2011, but took a long hiatis.  I found myself struggling to think of interesting things to talk about and felt as if blogging was more of a burden than a hobby.   If you go back for enough you can still see some of my old posts that keep in tune with my travel bug as well as some good workouts I didn’t want to forget.


The New Blog

Traveling all the time now, I have been wanting to start blogging again but in a way that I’ll actually enjoy….to me that is lots of pictures, frequent posts, and few words.  I want to document my travels and share them with others!  You can expect post about restaurants, bars, site seeing, hotels, and anything fun I want to share or remember. Let the travels begin!






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