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Holy Hell What a Week! Part I.

The last post I wrote I talked about how excited I was for the holiday week/weekend and boy let me tell you it was freaking amazing!!

I mean obviously, since I didn’t write a post for a week something must have been going on.


Olympic Swim Trials

As promised I went to the Olympic Swim Trials last Friday (June 29th), with pretty much the sole intention of seeing Ryan Lotche and Michael Phelps swim and boy did I see them:)

They started the trials with a bunch of big announcements and a colorful light show to get everyone pumped…

Oohhhhhh, Ahhhhhh, Puuuurrrrtyyy!

I was pretty pumped for everything to start…the first thing was the men’s 200 breaststroke FINALS.  Here are all the beautiful men getting ready to jump off….

And them coming in for the Finals….

AND THE WINNER IS…..Scott Weltz.

I had no idea who this guy was, but turns out that last year he placed 30 something and this year he placed first.  Talk about hard work and dedication…I mean seriously he must have been kicking major ass these past four years.

Then came what seem like a million other races while I just “patiently” waited….

Oh and started recording some sweet video for Bachelor audition video.  No I wasn’t kidding when I said I want to apply…check out the Bucket List folks…it’s on there.

Then it was time and they were here…in the same building as muah!

And here they come:

Good job Ryan, I think you need a celebratory hug!  Don’t worry Michael, 2nd place is good too. I have plenty of hugs, and kisses, and well really whatever you want to…where was I going with this…oh right, love you guys you did awesome!

If you want to see the full video I took, you can check it out here.

I know it’s like the tiniest picture of him ever, but it’s my very own….SHHWEEEET!

Plus I got to hang out with some pretty sweet chics, I’d say it was a pretty damn good start to the weekend:)