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For the past two weeks Chels has been visiting/living with me…

And since I live by that “don’t let blogging interfere with living your life” philosophy…

I have been living my life and have sucked at blogging…sorry guys:(

I moved to Delaware/Philly in January and while it has been a mild winter…seriously thank you Jesus, you must have known I wouldn’t survive a normal northeast winter…it was still too cold to really get out and explore some of the Philadelphia landmarks.

Luckily on one of my days off (way back on March 8th) it was absolutely gorgeous so we decided to venture out..

Now we may look all cute and perky, but both of us were in allergy over load, doped up on Zyrtec and Sudafed, and complete out of it.

I had a coffee and a diet coke that day, I should have been swarming with energy…yeah def not.

First stop…reading terminal to get a snack because the 15 minutes it took for us to find parking was way too exhausting…can you say fattys?

Next stop…Love Park.


Since it was the first warm day in quite a while they didn’t have the fountain going (you can see it all dried up behind me), but I could see it as a cute little place to eat your lunch if you worked in the city. It is smack dab in the middle of the city to making it convienent from a lot of locations.

Oh random fact…they dye the fountain different colors to represent things..

Pink for breast cancer awareness, red for the Phillies winning the world series (or this year the Cardinals!!)..thank you wikipedia!

See City Hall is just hanging out katty corner to it…


Seriously, what an awesome city hall building.

That said, why is that pictures and TV always make everything look so big!  That sign was itty bitty compared to what I was expecting.  It’s only two of me…that’s only like 11 feet tall…not cool people, not cool.

Anywho, the plaza that it’s in is dedicated to JFK…I had no idea…but I guess it which would make sense since one of the cross streets is JFK Blvd…but whatevs.


Of course all this picture taking warranted another rest, so we headed to Starbucks before heading over to Independence Hall.  No pictures…that would require extra effort that I was just not having.

Posing with the liberty bell…


Not quite as cool as licking it (How I Met Your Mother reference anyone?) but still pretty sweet to see it in person.

Independence Hall..


They offer free tours if you’re in to that kind of thing…that 15 minutes of walking really warranted some sitting and hanging with these little guys…


I wasn’t kidding when I said how totally out of it and drained we were..

The First Bank of America…


And finally last stop…Cheesesteak time @ Sonny’s Famous Steaks.  Not quite the same as Pat’s, but a good end to the day 🙂