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Back home for a bit: STL

Back home means chillaxin w the fam and enjoying time with old friends. It also means little dining out or exploring. However, hearing about this cupcake place Jilly’s‘s I decided to put it to the test against my old favorite The Cup. (Jilly’s received national attention for its stint on Cupcake Wars and the Food Network so I guess it was worth a shot!)

Trying to give Jilly’s the advantage I ordered a vanilla version of the Reese’s Chunkage filled with peanut butter mousse/ganache and topped with peanut butter and chocolate butter cream and of course tons of Reese’s!

At The Cup I tried a new one a raspberry cake with raspberry filling and chocolate ganache.


Atmosphere wise Jilly’s is more retro and The Cup is more coffeehouse. Size Jilly’s cupcakes are Large while The Cup is more along your average size. Price Jilly’s is the 5-6$ range. The Cup is 3$ flat.

All things aside The Cup is still the winner. Size and price aside….the ganache was on par and the quality of the cake was the clear winner. Perfectly moist (a must in a cupcake!!), rich, and just delicious!

I encourage anyone that can to try try try THE CUP!