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The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly…Delaware Addition

When this posts I’ll be somewhere between St. Louis and Wilmington…hopefully far past the dreadful torture of driving through Ohio.

I spent about 12 weeks here in Wilmington Delaware (81 days to be exact).  So what did I think?

The Good:

1. The Location

I loved the location and how close it was to so many wonderful places. While here I managed to travel to NYC, Boston, and took several trips into Philadelphia and other parts of Pennsylvania–West Chester and Pottstown.

2. Philadelphia Premium Outlets

Technically they are not in Delaware, but if you’re willing to take a 50ish minute drive, this outlet mall is pretty darn awesome.  They had everything from your higher end outlets like Neiman Marcus, BCBG, and Michael Kors to some of your more common stores like J. Crew, Fossil, and Gap.  I went there three times in a month and picked up quite a few good items while I was there…I’m definitely a fan.

3. How easy it was to get organic foods

In St. Louis the selection of organic foods is pretty limited at your basic grocery stores and you have to venture out to places like Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods to get them.  In Delaware I was able to get everything at the local grocery store, Giant.  They had their own product line Nature’s Promise which carried everything from organic produce to sauces, juices, etc.

The Bad

1. The winters

Ok so granted I got lucky as hell this year and they didn’t have their typical winter, it was still no St. Louis winter where it was in the 50’s and 60’s half the time.

2. Everybody knows everybody

Delaware is such a small state that chances are if you don’t know someone directly you know someone they know.  Example, I was talking about my neighbors to a co-worker when I first moved here.  Oh wait, she knew her…apparently she works at the hospital I work at!

Or how everybody and their brother seems to know Bam Margera and his friends since they go out in West Chester all the time.

I’m all for knowing your neighbors, but knowing the whole state is a little to close for me.

The Ugly

The gossipy rudeness of my neighborhood and realty company.

The neighborhood I live in is supposed to be a really nice and expensive area to live in, so I figured I should have a pretty good experience. Ummm…no!

The first couple days I moved in I had multiple older…like 50’s…neighbor approach me and say hi, but with in minutes turned the conversation into gossiping about the other neighbors.

A…I don’t know who you’re talking about.

B… it’s none of my business nor to I care what you’re talking about.

If that wasn’t bad enough, my downstairs neighbor was a total passive aggressive asshole.  Sometimes when I lock Porkchop in her cage she will bark for 30 minutes or so until she realized I’m not coming back and then she’ll lay down and go to sleep.  Not once, not twice, but three times my neighbor left me a note on my door saying that my dog was barking for hours on end, that she was scratching on the ceiling, that I should do something about it because she must be destroying my carpet.  Once again

A…My dog is in a kennel which has a thick plastic bottom, with a blanket, and her bed so I don’t know how in the hell she is “scratching” on the ceiling.  Not to mention when I came home her entire kennel was exactly as I left it, nothing moved.

B…Even if she were destroying the carpet it’s none of your damned business.

C…You’re going to call the cops on me for my dog barking? Seriously good luck with that.  She’s in my apartment, in a dog friendly residence.  Why don’t you start with getting YOUR dog to shut up!

D…Grow some balls and if you have an issue talk to me and stop telling leaving these ridiculous notes on my door.


Can you tell I have some pent-up anger towards this?

The realty office was a nightmare.  I asked once a week for a copy of my lease so that I would know the policies and what not of the area…it took them two months and constant badgering to get it from them.   Gee thanks for getting it to me right as I’m getting ready to head out.