Bucket List

My Bucketlist…some of it is travel related, some isn’t.  Keeping track of it as I go:)

  1. Ski/snowboard
  2. Visit Hawaii
  3. Surf
  4. Rock climb
  5. Sky dive
  6. Speak fluent Spanish
  7. Play guitar
  8. Ballroom dance
  9. Run a half marathon
  10. Take a gourmet cooking class
  11. Successfully cook a gourmet meal
  12. Get a tattoo– stars when I was 18, pink ribbon in July 2010
  13. Pierce my nose–in Vegas September 2010
  14. Be in a movie
  15. Model in a runway show
  16. Attend the Olympics half way there, been to the trials!
  17. Meet a celebrity if you count Bachelor/Bachlorette stars I’ve met a whole slew of them!
  18. Swim with dolphins
  19. Open my own charity
  20. Attend a red carpet event
  21. Time Square on New Year’s Eve
  22. Kentucky Derby
  23. Mardi Gras in New Orleans..I’ve visited New Orleans.  Count me out for Mardi Gras!
  24. Fashion Week in NYC
  25. Rockefeller Center at Christmas
  26. Buy a house…first thing I did with my big girl job, August 2009
  27. Get my own puppy…Porkchop! January 2, 2010
  28. Move to a city where I know no one …hello Delaware, Nebraska, and Texas.
  29. and go out all by myself…see above.  Now pretty much every week.
  30. Live in New York City
  31. Visit Time Square   March 3, 2012
  32. See the Statue of Liberty
  33. Run in Central Park
  34. Watch a show on Broadway
  35. Visit Ground Zero March 3, 2012
  36. Hold up a crazy obnoxious sign at the Today show
  37. and be a member of the Ellen DeGeneres, Jimmy Fallon, and SNL audience.
  38. Find a man I’m crazy about
  39. Shop at Kleinfield
  40. Have my dream wedding
  41. and be blessed with children.
  42. All inclusive in Cancun …I need to do this again with a better person, May 2009
  43. and go to Senor Frog…May 2009
  44. Viva Las Vegas… been there too many times for my own good!
  45. Win some $$$…done and done.
  46. and buy some designer shoes (Jimmy Choo’s please!) almost I had to go and be responsible and not buy them 😦
  47. Have a star named after me.
  48. Buy a boat and a lake house
  49. Capri
  50. Rome
  51. Colosseum
  52. Throw a coin in the fountain of Trevi
  53. Enjoy REAL Italian food
  54. Venice
  55. Gondola ride through the Great Canal.
  56. Paris
  57. The Eiffel Tower
  58. Louvre
  59. Notre Dame de Paris
  60. England
  61. Ireland
  62. Germany
  63. Revisit the sights in D.C. now that I’m old enough to appreciate them
  64. Drive on the autobahn
  65. and pay my respects at Auschwitz.
  66. Play in the Harry Potter castle.
  67.  Nashville and see a country concert
  68. St. Patty’s Day in Boston…March 17, 2012
  69. Watch a meteor shower.
  70. See a drive-in movie.
  71. Find a job I LOVE…. NICU nurse. Best. Job. Ever
  72. Buy/own a new car… Seems stupid, but I finally bought my first brand new car when I started travel nurisng.
  73. Live in California
  74. Shop on Rodeo Drive
  75. Drink wine in Napa Valley…Suzanne’s 30th Birthday July 2012!
  76. Take the trolley in San Fransisco…July 2012.
  77. Japan
  78. See a falling star… February 7, 2012, CRAZY!
  79. Attend Stagecoach
  80. Dye my hair suddenly and drastically… black hair,  done and done..January 2011
  81. Bungee Jump
  82. Attend a Cardinals post season game Red October 2011 baby…NLDS and NLCS game
  83. Go to the World Series …come on 2014!
  84. Spring Training
  85. Attend Cardinals opening day April 13, 2012 against the Cubs.  We lost the game but still a great experience!
  86. Live in Texas…my new permanent home, DALLAS!!
  87. attend a live rodeo
  88. Apply for the Bachelor…Applied for Juan Pablo’s season.
  89. Read the Bible cover to cover  Working on it
  90. Do medical work in a third world country
  91. Crash a wedding
  92. Be pulled on stage or go backstage of a concert
  93. Zipline through the jungle/rain forest
  94. Visit all 50 states
  95. Learn to sew and actually make something useful Done and done! Made new pillow covers for all my throw pillows!
  96. Fight for something I believe in…Gay rights!  And i will continue to support my loves!
  97. Cross country road trip with my sister we’ve done midwest to east coast x2 (September 2011 and January 2012…now midwest to west coast!)
  98. Get my doctorate
  99. Travel north of the arctic circle wasn’t originally on here, but after doing so definitely should’ve been
  100. Visit each continent (well maybe not antarctica)

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