A good friend of mine lives here so I’m trusting him to take me to some delicious places. Keeping it low key so we could hang out and catch up he took me to RePUBlic GastropubThey have a great beer selection, I personally was a fan of the Marshall sundown but all Coop beers came highly recommended. I tried the amber to me it was eh.

I devoured our appetizer the republic scotch egg so sorry no pics! It’s basically a deep fried hard boiled egg w this delicious sauce.

Then I ordered the chickpea burger and green beans as a side. I don’t even like green beans (so why I tried them who knows?) but these were pretty darn good!


The burger was on pretzel bread which is always a plus and basically tasted like an oversized falafel. If you like falafel you’ll like this.

My friend ordered the meatloaf and mac and cheese. Not complaints just be forewarned they are kidding when they say the Mac and cheese is HOTT!
So be verrrrry careful!


Overall service was good, cute spot, nice patio and great place to watch sports w tons of tvs. Kris (the local) said on a busy night you can easily expect a 2 hour wait.


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