Cafe 501=sugarrrrr

Stopped by Cafe 501 for lunch and I loved that you could ordered it at the counter for a quick meal or do a nice sit down lunch. Kinda nice depending on what your mood/time restraints are.

WARNING: it’s a freaking wind tunnel if you sit in the outdoor section by the entrance…20mph winds crazy. The back patio though….gorgeous!

Ordered the 501 salad, good but I was hoping for something a tad sweeter. Enter:


Birthday Cake Bar. I was hoping for something a little more funfetti cake fluffy goodness, where as it was more of a sugar overload sugar cookie. Don’t get me wrong it was amazeballs (it took me three separate sittings to finish it bc of how sweet it was and that’s a lot coming from this girl!) and the frosting add just a hit of melty sugary goodness too!

I’d def go back again for the sweets, but I’d prob switch up the salad. Oh and to try out their wine list of course!!


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