Welcome to Miami!…and Fort Lauderdale:)

Back to back trips to the beach a girl couldn’t ask for better!

Hotel 1: Hilton Garden Inn Fort Lauderdale Hotel

Service: Friendly staff, no real issues.

Parking: Free, but gated access.

Location: Close to the airport and across the street from a bunch of chain restaurants (TGIFridays, Red Lobster, etc.)

Facilities: Ok pool for an airport hotel, TINY GYM! There is a full gym in the complexes across the street where you can sign up for a free three day pass. Even though the size is bigger it was PACKED!! So much so my co worker and I left after 30 minutes…and talk bout meatheads…but it is an alternative.

Hotel Dining: TERRIBLE!!!! 😝😝 It still amazes me how different things vary from hotel to hotel. Service was incredibly slow and the food was awful!

Quesadilla-blan and vegetables under cooked
Hummus-typical, olives an unnatural color
Clam Chowder tasted like Campbell’s (per my coworker)

Hotel 2: Hilton Downtown Miami

Average room, but nice BIG VANITIES!


Service: Excellent! On my first stay I accidentally booked for the wrong dates and even though my rate was MUCH lower than what they were charging that week they changed it and matched the rate. Front Desk to valet to concierge, everyone was upbeat at friendly!


Parking: 23$ per night for valet w unlimited ins and outs. Have a text service where you can text your ticket number to the valet ahead of time and they’ll have it ready.


Location: In the heart of downtown and next to the convention center. Short driving distance to South Beach. Walking Distance (1 block) to Publix (grocery store), but mainly close to fast food chains.


Facilities: A disappointment for a full service Hilton. The pool was dirty and the “pool bar” was just an area where they stored pool towels. They did have some cool double lounge chairs that would be nice if you were with someone. The gym was on par what you would normally expect from a garden inn size wise, but dirtier with older equipment. On the PLUS their executive lounge provides some fast snacks from 5-7pm and free breakfast starting at 630am. I’m a sucker for cheese and there were several varieties to appease me!


Yum Berry: A yogurt/sushi joint across from the FTL hotel. Yes sushi…weird. Didn’t try that but got all up in that white chocolate mousse froyo. Typically I wouldn’t mention a place just for froyo (or it’s be in every post 😱) but this place had more toppings than norm which this girl likes!

Atlantic Surf Club: On FTL beach this is he view from where we sat:


Bad girl I didn’t take a picture but it was phenom. How you know it was delicious? I dove in before taking a picture. Each of us ordered a different type or burger (veggie, cheese, and tuna) and there were 👍 all around. Combined with good service and a beach location 💛💛 all around.

The Lobster Bar: In downtown FTL. We didn’t believe the waiter when he said everything was good (the only thing he didn’t 100%rave about was the pasta so I guess stay away 😁), but boyyyyy was it. This was my portion of the appetizer sampler including lobster, crab, shrimp, and ceviche.


My first time having lobster and I think it’s safe to say I enjoyed it. The ceviche was so great we ordered a second round!

After all that there wasn’t much room for an entree but I did manage to order some cauliflower gratin (had to get my veggies and equally as yum!!) plus the apple crisp. Shocker…this girl wanted dessert. O.M.G. By the end of it the whole table was eating it and we had to order a second.

Service wise our waiter was very attentive and comedic, but even if you happen to get a less enthusiastic server, the food far outweighs any issues you might have!

The Front Porch Cafe Located across from Miami beach around 15th street, I picked this place because yelp called it a local favorite. If locals love it, it’s usually a good spot. I sat on the patio which was a great spot for people watching!

My favorite part, oddly…the iced tea!!! So good, unsweetened with a hint of a berry flavor, I had to get some to go!


The breakfast wasn’t anything special, typical of what you’d expect for breakfast. I ordered the green eggs (scramble eggs with pesto and cheese), a fruit bowl, and wheat toast.


The service was fine, but again nothing special. I would go again just for that tea and the people watching aspect.

Fun Fun Fun

Lincoln Road Mall: It’s been about 5 years since I was last here and it’s definitely expanded. Several restaurants and shops…some chain, some not…but all outside. So if youre looking to enjoy the weather without hitting the beach or dealing with the traffic of shopping on Collins Ave, this is perfect!


World Symphony Concert Hall: Not going to lie, only went to look at it because a friend of mine interned on the project and helped build it.  The park outside it is very unique and a good place to just sit and chill out though.



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