Napa Valley/Suzanne’s Birthday Part 1

First glass of wine in Napa at Carpe Diem Wine Bar.   I tried the 2009 Schloss Saarstein  (Germany-Riesling)…absolutely delicious! It’s a cute little place.  I would definitely recommend it for a happy hour type atmosphere.

Afterwards it was time for a nice dinner at Fish Story.  I started with Fried Monterey Bay Calamari and then went on to try this delicious Gnocchi.  The gnocchi was hand-made, moist, and melted in your mouth.  It was freaking AMAZING!

I also had a side of polenta.  I never tried it before, but found it tasted very similar to cream corn.  Can you tell I loved my dinner?

After dinner I tried this rhubarb and caramel concoction. It was creamy texture similar a flan…mmmmm! I don’t remember what it’s called and since they change their menu regularly, I probably never will, but if you ever get the chance to try the restaurant you absolutely have to!  Our server was wonderful and the food was one of a kind.  If you’re into seafood they had a wide range of seafood as well and through the end of the month all bottles of wine are 1/2 off!

Starting our trip in Napa off right with a glass of Domaine Chandon Champagne in our own private limo!  Weirdly enough just as I was taking this picture we passed the Domaine Chandon winery:)
Our first stop was Sterling winery.  In order to get to the winery/tastings we had to take a tram up.  Check out the view..

The tour was self guided with tastings along the way. My new favorite wine is their Sauvignon Blanc!  You can purchase it in the store.  If you haven’t tried it yet, you def should!  The tanks where Sterling wine is made…

Barrels of Sterling wine!


The view from the top!

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