First Time in Philly



I got extremely lucky this weekend and was blessed with gorgeous weather on my first weekend in the new city!  When I headed into Philly Sunday afternoon it was in the 50’s and sunny.  Perfect exploring weather.  First thing I noticed pulling into Philly was how weird their parking is.  Block after block cars are parked in the would be turn lane..check it out:


Weird, Right?

There are no signs anywhere telling you that this is a parking area, but considering how many cars are lined up I guess it’s legit.

Anyways, like I said being as gorgeous as it was outside I decided to head down to South Street.  A girl at work mentioned how fun it was with all the different shops and restaurants lining the streets.


Since it was Sunday a lot of the shops were closed, so I will have to venture back this way another day.  I was still able to stop into several shops, and by far my favorite was a store called Temptation.  It was a cute little clothing and jewelry store that was actually very reasonably priced. Their stuff was unique and didn’t look like something that you would find in the mall, but not totally far fetched like you wouldn’t ever wear it. If you ever looking for some bling to spice up your outfit that have tons of diamond like accessories too! I got this super cute dress (it’s actually a tan color, but the lighting makes it look brown)…


and a really cute pair of earrings for only 33$  I call that a steal Smile  I will definitely be visiting this store several more times in the next couple of months.

After spending some time, down on South Street I headed to the Reading Terminal Market.  I was ready for something along the lines of Soulard market, but boy was it different.  The entire thing was inside and there was a lot less fruit/veggie stands than I had expected at a market.  Instead they had a lot of little  specialty shops like meat stands, flower shops, and craft/housewares stands, .  Since I had a few dollars left of my Christmas money and had been craving something sweet for the last couple of days I decided to try this little cake from Termini Brothers Bakery.  I had no idea what was in it when I bought it except that it had toffee on the top of it.


It was freaking delicious and worth every penny. Can you tell?


Next time I hit South Street I might just have to make a stop by here to pick up another sweet treat!

Side Note:

Obviously coming to a new city I was worried about meeting people, but thankfully I’ve had a ton of luck.  My preceptor from work is great and we get a long pretty good.  I also met a couple girls on Friday when I was out for dinner and another guy that you’ll never guess where I met him….Installing my cable Saturday morning.  I guess it was a good thing it got postponed because he has been extremely helpful by giving suggestions of where to find things, plus we have a lot in common.   All in all a way better first week than I had anticipated!  Oh except for that whole locking myself out of my house, but I’ll talk about that tomorrow…


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